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Pictures Provided to the Planetary Society Red Rover Goes to Mars Training Mission February 13, 2001, Student Landing Site Investigation

These pictures were used by students from around the world during a visit to southern California the week of February 10-16, 2001, to investigate potential Mars sample return landing sites. Additional images that the students worked with prior to their visit can be found at:

These pictures were prepared for The Planetary Society Red Rover project by Malin Space Science Systems. All data used for this project were in the public domain. These processed, value-added views should be credited to NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems.

Pictures prepared by Ken Edgett, Malin Space Science Systems, February 7, 2001

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Four Regions were considered for potential Sample Return Landings:

Holden Crater and Uzboi Vallis

Melas Chasma

Isidis Planitia

OIympica Fossae

Eight MOC narrow angle camera images showing small portions of the terrain in the four regions were examined:









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