MOC narrow-angle image R06-00044

NA view of Phobos

MOC narrow-angle image R06-00044
MOC narrow-angle image R06-00044
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Ancillary data for MOC narrow-angle image R06-00044

Acquisition parameters
     Image ID (picno): R06-00044
     Image start time: 2003-06-01T17:30:04.00 SCET
         Image  width:   2048      pixels
         Image height:   4096      pixels
Line integration time:      3.5000 millisec
   Pixel aspect ratio:      0.00
   Crosstrack summing:      1
    Downtrack summing:      1
     Compression type: MOC-PRED-X-5
            Gain mode:     4A (hexadecimal)
          Offset mode:      5 (decimal)
Derived values
Longitude of image center:    999.90°W
 Latitude of image center:    999.90°N
       Scaled pixel width:      0.00   meters
      Scaled image  width:      0.00   km
      Scaled image height:      0.00   km
     Solar longitude (Ls):    195.51°
    Local True Solar Time:     12.16   decimal hours
           Emission angle:    999.90°
          Incidence angle:    999.90°
              Phase angle:    999.90°
            North azimuth:      0.00°
              Sun azimuth:      0.00°
      Spacecraft altitude:      0.00   km
           Slant distance:      0.00   km

Note: a longitude or latitude value of 999.9 means "not applicable". For example, if an image includes the limb of the planet, one or more of the image corners will not have meaningful longitude and latitude coordinates. In that case, the image cannot be map-projected, so a non-projected version is offered here.

Policy regarding use of processed images

Release date: 20 April 2004