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MRO CTX 3-D Anaglyph Views of Candidate MSL Landing Sites

For MSL Mastcam, MAHLI, MARDI Science Team Discussions, July - September 2008

Images shown here were processed at MSSS. For a sense of the scale of these images and landing ellipse locations, please refer to other documentation that you have available to you regarding the landing ellipse candidates (it would take too much effort on our part to add all this ancillary information). CTX image IDs are in the filenames. Note these are all JPG images and file sizes are large. You might find it most useful to download these to your desktop and open them in Photoshop (or similar tool). Use red(left) - blue(right) glasses to view these.

Data prepared by D. Shean

posted by K. Edgett, 10 July 2008


(40.1 MB) ...... (57.3 MB)


(44.2 MB)


(18.9 MB) ...... (31.9 MB) ...... (34.7 MB)

South Meridiani

(34.9 MB)

Nili Fossae

(53.2 MB) ...... (53.9 MB)


(32.8 MB) ...... (35.3 MB)

Mawrth 1

(19.7 MB) ...... (60.9 MB)

Mawrth 2

(25.2 MB) ...... (29 MB)

Mawrth 3

(37.7 MB) ...... (28.3 MB)

Mawrth 4

(31.8 MB) ...... (26 MB)

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