Mars Climate Orbiter Mars Color Imager (MARCI)

Mars Climate Orbiter Mars Color Imager (MARCI)

MSSS fabricated and operated the Mars Climate Orbiter MARCI. President, Michael C. Malin, was the Principal Investigator. The spacecraft was lost (and presumed destroyed) during its initial orbit insertion on September 23, 1999. The Mars Climate Orbiter, formerly known as the Mars Surveyor '98 Orbiter, was to have monitored the planet for 1 Martian year from March 2000 through at least January 2002.

Launch: 11 December 1998 Mars Orbit Insertion: Attempted 23 September 1999 Last Contact: 23 September 1999


The Only Picture of Mars Obtained by MARCI

MARCI Delivered to Spacecraft (Press Release, 23 February 1998)


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