MSSS Earth Research

Research on the geology of planet Earth at MSSS has focused on topics in geomorphology and volcanology, including studies of eolian (wind erosion and movement of sediment) processes in Antarctica, Iceland, and Hawaii. Studies have also included work on catastrophic floods in Iceland, volcanic features at Mount St. Helens, Lassen Peak, Iceland, and Hawaii. Field work has also included semi-autonomous rover testing in the deserts of southern California.

Antarctic Research

Mount St. Helens and Lassen Peak Volcanoes

Iceland and Hawaii

  • Eolian (wind) Processes in North Central Iceland
  • Characteristics of Large Catastrophic Floods in North Central Iceland
  • Length of Hawaiian Lava Flows
  • Evolution of the Keanakakoi Debris Blanket
  • Wind-blown Sediments of the Keanakakoi Formation