Gallery of Antarctic GIF Images

GIF Images of Antarctica: Single Frames

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GIF-1: Sorted polygon in glacial debris covering floor of Bull Pass in Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (more caption)

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GIF-2: Cavernously weathered boulder in the Olympus Range, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (more caption)

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GIF-3: Test rack of basalt chips in Victoria Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (more caption)

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GIF-4: View to southeast from the north slope of Victoria Valley, towards the eastern portion of the Olympus Range (more caption)

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GIF-5: View east down the central Wright Valley, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (more caption)

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GIF-6: Adelie Penguin (more caption)

GIF Images of Antarctica: Victoria Valley Panorama

This series of images form a panoramic view of the lower Victoria Valley from the vantage point of the dunes hugging the contact between the valley floor and wall. The site is at 77 deg 22.6 min S, 162 deg 10 min E, at an altitude of 380 m (1250 ft). A brief description of each panel in the mosaic follows:
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PAN-1: View north towards flag marking erosion test site. This site is likely to be overrun by the sand in the next decade, as the dunes migrate westward.

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PAN-2: Dark brown across this frame are beds of snow and ice, frozen into the sand dunes during the winter, and now exposed by wind erosion of the thawed upper 50 cm of the dunes. The mounds are patterned ground like I discussed in other sequences.

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PAN-3: Similar to PAN-2

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PAN-4: View to west across sand dune, towards Farrar dolerite cliffs on north slope of Victoria Valley. Again, dark brown is moistened sand associated with thawing of layers of frozen snow and ice incorporated into the dunes.

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PAN-5: View down the Victoria Valley towards Lake Vida. Mountain in distance on right (with snow) is Mount Insel; mountains in farther distance (glinting) are distant, western end of the Olympus range.

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PAN-6: Familiar view of southern slope of Victoria Valley, showing eastern peaks of the Olympus Range.

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PAN-7: View southward across sandy area adjacent to Victoria Valley dunes, showing glacial rock debris innundated by sand.

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PAN-8: Similar to PAN-8.

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PAN-9: Similar to 1-7.ras and 1-8.ras, this image shows rocks with tails caused by intense wind-transport of sand.

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PAN-10: Mt. Allan, one of the eastenmost peaks of the Olympus Range. Again, lots of rocks and sand.

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PAN-11: View towards east, showing the Victoria Lower Glacier in the distance, and some of the larger sand dunes in the near field. Fairly radical color changes caused by differing illumination conditions and the autoexposure control on the camera.

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PAN-12: Better view of larger dunes in Victoria Valley dune field. Mountain in background is Purgatory Peak, part of the St. Johns Range.

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PAN-13: This image closes the circle for this 360 deg panorama, showing the site flag and rocks innundated by sand, as seen in PAN-1.

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