USGS Mars Color Mosaics

These mosaics were made by the USGS from Viking images, and distributed on CDROM. Click on the image to get the GIF (roughly 400 pixels square) version; click on the text to get a text description. Click on the JPEG description to get a roughly 1k-square JPEG image.

These images were taken from the USGS color Mars Digital Image Mosaic disks, volume 13, in the directory special. (I actually used a test version of volume 13 produced in late 1992.) I've renamed the files for ease of identification. The correspondences are
cerberus.gif    323sp/md12n190.gif
marineris.gif   334sp/md07s078.gif
syrtis.gif      347sp/md01s306.gif
schiaparelli.gif 378sp/md04s341.gif
hellas.gif      483so/mc31s343.gif
No further processing was done. The JPEG images were produced from the GIF versions and have limited color resolution.

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