Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)

New High Resolution and Global Views of Mars

11,664 New MGS MOC Images (E13-E18) Archived and Available

Over 123,800 Images are in the MOC Gallery

MGS MOC Releases MOC2-325 to MOC2-330, 04 April 2003

The Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) is now well into its third martian year of daily global weather monitoring and high resolution imaging from its nearly-circular, nearly-polar "mapping" orbit. The spacecraft began orbiting Mars in September 1997, and began its mapping activities in March 1999. The mission is currently planned to operate through September 2004.

Twice a year, after an intensive data validation effort designed to insure that the most complete and accurate version of each image is identified and processed, six month's worth of MOC data are archived with NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS). This month, the MOC team has completed archiving the 11,664 images obtained between February and July 2002 (mission subphases E13 - E18). These new data can be viewed by visiting the MOC Gallery at:

The MOC experiment is in excellent health and continues to return a wealth of new information every day. Below we present six examples of MOC daily global and high resolution geology images, some of which were acquired in the first three months of 2003.

Daily Global Views

Kasei Landslide

Polar Features

Martian Limb

Northern Spring

Wirtz Dunes

Images Credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS
Text by: K. S. Edgett and M. C. Malin, MSSS

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