Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC)

Listing of MOC Stereo Pairs for Phoenix Landing Sites

Additional Pairs as of 7 September 2006:

Additional Pairs as of 9 August 2006:

Additional Pairs as of 7 February 2005:

  • Region B:
      S01-00601 and S02-00705
      S01-00875 and S02-00736

Additional Pairs as of 7 January 2005:

  • Region B:
      R22-00168 and S01-00644
      R22-00846 and R23-00231
  • Region A:
      R22-01155 and R23-00902

Pairs as of 30 August 2004:

  • Region A: M23-02019 and E23-00945

  • Region C: M19-01733 and E19-00409

  • Region D: M00-00483 and R19-02207

  • Region B: No specific pairs, but note that the following images of a crater floor mosaic together, and where they overlap, there may be some stereo coverage: M00-00602, M09-00376, R03-00295, R03-00702, R03-01010, R03-01353, R04-00168, R04-00679, R04-01289, R05-00144, R05-00859

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