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The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) onboard the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) was launched November 7, 1996. The first MOC images of Mars were acquired in early July 1997 as the spacecraft approached the planet. MGS reached Mars in mid-September 1997 and has been orbiting the planet since that time. The Primary Mission period for MGS was 1 Mars Year (~687 Earth days). The Primary Mission began March 1999 and ended January 31, 2001. At that time, the Extended Mission began and is currently expected to run into September 2004.

The archives presented here include the MGS MOC Gallery (containing all released MOC data); all captioned MOC "web" and "press" release images; Mars weather reports; images obtained to support the search for and study of landing sites for 2003 Mars missions and MOC guest observations during the Extended Mission; images obtained to support the search for a site to land the cancelled Mars Surveyor 2001 Lander; and a link to the NASA PDS web site for raw MOC images in archival form.

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