Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)
Mast Camera (Mastcam)

Instrument Description

Mastcam camera head design. Each of the two Mastcam camera heads will be mounted on the MSL Remote Sensing Mast and be used to acquire scientific images of the martian landscape. One Mastcam has a 100 mm, f/10 lens with a 5.1° square field of view. The other has a 34 mm, f/8 lens with a 15° square field of view. Both cameras image onto 1200 by 1200 pixels, and both can acquire high definition 720p video.

The Mast Cameras (Mastcam) will be mounted on a bar beneath the Chemcam instrument high upon MSL’s Remote Sensing Mast. The cameras will be approximately two meters above the ground. Each camera is capable of acquiring natural color images and visible/near-infrared multispectral views (to help decipher mineralogy). Images from these cameras can also be used to construct stereo representations of the MSL site and can acquire video sequences of high definition quality.

The basic characteristics of the Mastcam system are:

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