Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Mast Camera (Mastcam) Publications and Reference Material


For additional information about the MSL Mastcam investigation, see the following:


  • The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Mast-mounted cameras (Mastcams) flight instruments — PDF
    by M. C. Malin, M. A. Caplinger, K. S. Edgett, F. T. Ghaemi, M. A. Ravine, J. A. Schaffner, J. M. Baker, J. D. Bardis, D. R. DiBiase, J. N. Maki, R. G. Willson, J. F. Bell III, W. E. Dietrich, L. J. Edwards, B. Hallet, K. E. Herkenhoff, E. Heydari, L. C. Kah, M. T. Lemmon, M. E. Minitti, T. S. Olson, T. J. Parker, S. K. Rowland, J. Schieber, R. J. Sullivan, D. Y. Sumner, P. C. Thomas, and R. A. Yingst (2010) , 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract 1123.


  • Design and fabrication of lenses for the color science cameras aboard the Mars Science Laboratory rover
    by F. T. Ghaemi (2009), Optical Engineering, v. 48, no. 10, 103002, doi:10.1117/1.3251343.


  • The Mast Cameras and Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory — PDF, courtesy LPI
    by M. C. Malin, J. F. Bell III, J. Cameron, W. E. Dietrich, K. S. Edgett, B. Hallet, K. E. Herkenhoff, M. T. Lemmon, T. J. Parker, R. J. Sullivan, D. Y. Sumner, P. C. Thomas, E. E. Wohl, M. A. Ravine, M. A. Caplinger, and J. N. Maki (2005), , Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVI, Abstract 1214.



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