Phoenix Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) News and Events

Phoenix Mars Descent Imager (MARDI)

Phoenix Mars Descent Imager with microphone

  • May 2008
    Phoenix landed on 25 May 2008. As planned in shortly after launch in 2007, the MARDI was not operated during EDL. The MARDI Payload Element Lead, Michael Malin, is participating in the science teams surface operation activities. 
  • November 2007
    Phoenix MARDI will not be turned on during the spacecraft's descent to the Martian surface. There will be no data, from either the camera or the microphone, returned from the Phoenix MARDI. For further details, please see: Mars Descent Imager Update, Phoenix and MSL MARDI
  • July 2007
    NASA decided that the Phoenix MARDI will only acquire 1 image during its descent. The microphone will not be used. Please see: One Image Planned During Descent of Phoenix.


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