1. Introduction

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1. Introduction
    1.1. Purpose
    1.2. Scope
    1.3. Relationship to Other Documents
    1.4. Update Schedule
    1.5. Acknowledgments
    1.6. Questions or Comments?

1.1. Purpose

The Mission Plan for Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) describes a baseline strategy for achieving the scientific objectives of the mission within the capabilities and constraints of the project systems, subject to the project policies on the use of these systems. This strategy will serve as a starting point for planning detailed event sequences, both before launch and during the mission. The Mission Plan also serves as the basic reference for a detailed description of the mission. It documents the major design features and options considered by the Project along with the rationale for major technical decisions.

1.2. Scope

This document responds to the high-level project policy and requirements documents. Accordingly, the Mission Plan does not originate new mission and system requirements. It describes a strategy for conducting the baseline mission which is consistent with the requirements, capabilities, and constraints defined in other project documentation. The baseline mission is the planned series of mission events that barring failure, normally proceed from launch to the end of the mission.

Section 2   Overview of Spacecraft Design, Science Instruments, and Baseline
Section 3   Description of Launch Phase
Section 4   Description of Cruise Phase
Section 5   Description of Orbit Insertion Phase
Section 6   Description of Mapping Phase

The current version of the Mission Plan (this document) represents a draft of the final version of the Mission Plan, due for release at the Mission System critical design review in September 1995. As such, this Mission Plan release is for review only. All information presented represents the most current data as of 30 June 1995. Many issues in the design, particularly in the orbit insertion phase, have yet to be resolved. Consequently, the information is subject to change between now and the Mission System critical design review.

Several appendices that contain more detail pertinent to various technical issues in the Mission Plan will be supplied with the final version. In addition, an appendix addressing compliance of the mission with the Mission Requirements Document will also be supplied.

1.3. Relationship to Other Documents

The Mission Plan is consistent with and responsive to the requirements and objectives of the following project documents:

Mars Global Surveyor Project Plan				(542-100)
Investigation Description and Science Requirements Document	(542-30)
Mission Requirements Document					(542-400)
Planetary Protection Policy					NASA NHB 80201.12B
Based on the best information available as of 30 June 1995, the Mission Plan is consistent with the capabilities and constraints of the project systems as described in the following documents:

Spacecraft Requirements 					(542-200)
Mission Operations Specification				(542-409)
Payload Policy and Requirements					(542-40)
Navigation Plan							(542-406)
Planetary Protection Plan					(542-402)
Some more detailed aspects of the mission design for Mars Global Surveyor are described in the following documents:

Trajectory Characteristics Document				(542-410)
Delta 2 Target Specification					(542-411)
Planetary Constants and Models					(542-415)
Performance Assessment Report					(542-408)
Mission Sequence Plan						(542-407)
Detailed Mission Requirements					(542-424)

1.4. Update Schedule

Updates for the Mission Plan will occur on the following schedule as set by the MGS Mission Manager:

Draft Version				August 1994
Preliminary				September 1994
Draft for Final				June 1995
Final					September 1995
Update to Final				July 1996

1.5. Acknowledgments

The authors of the mission plan are extremely grateful to the following members of the MGS team who provided information and inputs critical to the writing of the plan:

Joe Beerer, Dan Johnston, Dan Lyons		Mission Design (JPL)
Stan Butman, George Chen, Charles Whetsel	Spacecraft & Subsystems (JPL)
Gene Bollman, Pat Espositio			Navigation (JPL)
Nick Smith, Jim Taylor				Mission Design (Lockheed-Martin)

1.6. Questions or Comments?

General comments, corrections, suggestions, or inquires about this document may be submitted to the authors:

Wayne Sidney					Wayne Lee
Jet Propulsion Laboratory			Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mail Stop 264-235				Mail Stop 301-180
4800 Oak Grove Drive				4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109				Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 393-1281					(818) 354-8784

Wayne.P.Sidney@ccmail.jpl.nasa.gov		wayne@cranberry.jpl.nasa.gov

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