Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter Camera (MOC 2) Electronics

This page includes pictures of the MOC 2 electronics before they were assembled into the flight instrument. For a detailed discussion of the electronics, see Malin, et al., Inter. J. Imaging Sys. & Tech. 3, 76-91, 1991.


Caltech Technicians with Electronics Boards
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Caltech Flight Hardware technicans Jose Tamayo (standing) and Steve Labrecque with the MOC 2 electronics in the Caltech cleanroom, March 1995.

Three of Six MOC 2 Electronics Boards
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Three of the six electronics boards of the MOC 2, prior to folding. Each board is just under 14 inches in diameter. The three boards represent one "half-system" (the MOC has two block-redundant half-systems), capable of independently acquiring red and blue low resolution wide angle and panchromatic high resolution narrow angle images.

Leading "Fast" Digital Board
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Leading "Fast" Digital board, including of 12 MB of DRAM, 2 buffer and 1 control gate arrays, 196 KB rad-hard SRAM, and a SA3300 32-bit rad-hard microprocessor.

Leading "Slow" Digital Board
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Leading "Slow" Digital board, including of power supply and the Bus Interface Unit (large "gold" box at left) provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the interface to the Payload Data System.

Trailing Analog Board
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Trailing analog board, with two wide angle focal planes on flex cables at 11:00 position.

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