MOC 2's Excellent Adventure Begins...

Setting up for and Making Performance Measurements (Delivery Acceptance Tests)

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"It's Flight Hardware!"
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Caption: The stickers on the container tell the story: It's going to Mars and one better be careful with it.

Setting up the Test Equipment and Unpacking MOC
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Caption: Getting ready to test the MOC in the cleanroom (Space Science Building Room 201) at LMA.

Testing the MOC
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After unpacking everything, and attaching the MOC to the GSE, we began a series of functional and performance tests as part of the delivery acceptance criteria.

Caption: Optical alignment and performance were measured to compare with previous results.
All of these measurements will be repeated, with better precision, during the flight to Mars, by observing stars, star clusters, and, hopefully, the Earth/Moon system.

Imaging with the MOC WA

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After the NA testing was completed, and the WA fixed (see next section) and it's testing finished, we had part of an evening left before "going on the spacecraft" the following afternoon. Following a "tradition" we started at General Electric with the MOC 1, we took images of various personnel associated with the camera or spacecraft using the WA cameras.

There are several challenging aspects of taking pictures with the WA cameras. The target must move at a slow (<1 inch per second), constant rate. Illuminating the target is tricky, since the red camera is much more sensitive than the blue camera, and most light sources are blue deficient. In the case of cleanroom imaging, we used the wheeled base of a waste receptacle, and a member of the MOC team would slowly pull the person standing on the wheels through the WA FOV. At about 25 feet from the detectors, we were just within the near-field focus of the cameras.

Caption: Imaging with the MOC 2 Wide Angle Cameras

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