MOC 2's Excellent Adventure Begins...

Fixing the Wide Angle Camera Problem

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The Problem

At about 7:00 PM MST on Friday, 1 December, we began imaging tests of the MOC 2. By 7:10 PM, we had encountered an anomaly with the Red WA camera--odd pixels appeared dead while even pixels appeared to be normally active (both dark current and photoactive). By 7:20 PM, after trying the Blue WA and getting normal response, and taking additional Red WA images with the same morphology, we knew we had a problem. After characterizing the problem, we continued the "aliveness" imaging tests with the remaining cameras, using both half systems. Much of the rest of the evening was spent trying to figure out what was wrong with the Red WA.

Looking for The Problem
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Caption: Looking for the Problem with the MOC 2 Red WA camera.

Additional tests were performed Saturday morning (2 December), but nothing isolated the problem. After running out of options, Jose was dispatched to Pasadena to gather up test, repair, and replace equipment and hardware, including the spare FPAs. Steve tried to get some information through a LMA oscilloscope, but was defeated by that device. Testing of the NA, as discussed in the preceding section, continued.

Jose returned Sunday afternoon with a full kit of equipment, including a MOC oscilloscope. Early Monday morning (December 4), while getting ready to test with the equipment from Caltech, and preparing to demate the Red WA FPA, the source of the problem was discovered.

The Problem
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Caption: The Problem.
The decision was made to replace all four haywires.

Implementing the Fix
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Caption: Implementing the Fix.
With the successful repair of the Red WA, testing of the MOC continued (see previous section).

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