MOC 2's Excellent Adventure Begins...

Installing the MOC 2 on the MGS Spacecraft Nadir Panel

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Testing of the MOC was completed Tuesday night (6 December) around 8:45 PM. The instrument was scheduled to be integrated onto the nadir equipment deck (NED) of the spacecraft Wednesday night. The plan called for transporting the instrument to the High Bay at around 3 PM, practicing the procedure for attaching the handling fixture and transporting the instrument to the NED, and then, around 8 PM, to install the MOC.

The Cleanroom Ninjas
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Caption: The MOC Delivery Team (minus 2).
The MOC team arrived at LMA mid-morning and began packing for the move into the High Bay facility. By noon, we were ready to move. The spacecraft team was ready around 1:00 PM, so the decision was made to advance the schedule.

Preparing to Install the MOC
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Caption: Preparing to Install the MOC on the NED.
The crane was then used to raise and lower the handling fixture ("Jaws") above the work table, and the operators practiced the rates at which they would move the crane once the camera was inside the fixture.

Encapsulating the MOC in its Handling Fixture
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Caption: The MOC is Encapsulated within its Handling/Lifting Fixture.

Preparing the MOC for Integration
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Caption: Preparing the MOC for Integration.

Transporting the MOC over to the NED
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Caption: Moving the MOC across the Room.

Attaching the MOC to the NED
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Caption: The MOC is lowered and attached to the NED.

After installation, the MOC was checked out on Friday and Saturday (8-9 December). Friday was devoted to the Initial Power Turn-On (IPTO) test, which includes checking each wire in each cable before powering the camera. The test was completely successful. Saturday was devoted to the Functional Electrical Test (FET), which exercises the MOC and its electrical connections to the spacecraft (including the bakeout and cruise survival heaters). Portions of the test were run successfully, but problems in uploading the Payload Data System (PDS) prevented completion of the test. It was finally re-run (with complete success) on 18 December, with MOC personnel participating remotely via the NASCOM connection through JPL to LMA.

The MOC now awaits the arrival of the rest of the payload. The next major activity will be the spacecraft systems tests, roughly in the March 1996 timeframe.

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