Mars 96 Spacecraft

For more information, see the Orbiter Page at IKI in Russia
The Mars 94 spacecraft is built around the PHOBOS-type spacecraft structure (modified with due account of the experience gained in the PHOBOS mission).

The spacecraft will consist of an orbiter with two rotating platforms for pointing optical instruments, two small autonomous stations, two penetrators, and autonomous engine unit.


    constant sun/star (three-axis), accuracy 1deg.;
    sun orientation is possible (with the spacecraft spinning around the axis directed to the Sun)

Downlink data capacity

    about 0.5 Gbit/day

Data transmission rate from the Martian orbit

    65 kbit/s

Active lifetime

	orbiter			one earth year
	penetrators 		one year
	small stations 		two years

Preliminary mass characteristics (kg)

    orbiter (with no fuel and payload)			1756
    autonomous engine unit (with no fuel)		 470
    fuel (2954+188)					3142
    scientific payload				 	 645
    	scientific instruments and electronics	 385
    	ARGUS and PAIS platforms (60+54)	 114
    	platform-servicing systems		  32
    	booms, cables, fixing elements		 114
    small autonomous stations (30+3.5) X 2	 	  67
    penetrators (45+5) X 2			 	 100

    launch mass of the spacecraft			6180

Mars 96 Orbiter Schematic Drawing

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